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May 2017 - Email received from Tony Saunders for Mervyn Robbins


"Hi, my great grandfather's name was John Henry Saunders, brother to Bessie Saunders (Elizabeth ) ,she married Ephraim Robbins.


Reply from Mervyn Robbins


Your great grandfathers sister was my grandmother, my father was Ivor James Robins.

Robbins Family Tree To News 2013 Family Tree_Fotor

Derek Robbins  -  29th January 2016

Hello from New Zealand    

I just thought to drop you a line and congratulate you on both the website and the work you’re doing.  

On a personal note Mervyn Robbins, if you’re the son of Ivor Robbins, we’re related. I’m the youngest son of Osborne Robbins – who was Ivor’s brother.

Small world eh.    

Derek Robbins                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Hi Derrick & Christine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Yes, I am Ivor’s son (now aged 77), it'snice to hear from you, how long have you been in NZ.    

I have been trying to work out where the Robbins family lived, did you live up Hilltop and your Mam spent some time in Ty Cwm nursing home at Cwm ?  

I sadly lost my first wife  aged 50, but I remarried  and, on my second wifes side, I have a neice and nephew living in NZ some 5 to 10 years.                                    

At my age I am still working voluntarily, and as you can see and I am still doing the history of Cwm and the mines.    

We must now keep in touch.


Hi Mervyn    

Nice to hear from you as well, seeing as it was just a chance email.                                                                                                                                                              

We’ve been in New Zealand since September 1982. With the downturn in jobs and the bleak outlook,  we decided to leave  Wales, and were lucky enough to land a job, etc. in Matamata (Waikato, North Island).

We now live just outside Auckland in a village called Waiuku. Pretty easy transition from Wales to New Zeland, land and (most of the) people are very similar.

Where do your Niece and Nephew live in New Zealand.

You got my Mum and Dad right, they were in Cwm, I was born/lived in 47 Emlyn Road. The top house that backed on to the cemetery.

We moved to Hilltop, Ebbw Vale. Dad (Osborne/Ossy) died there just before we left.

Mum (Dorothy/Dolly) was in the nursing home in Cwm.

I ‘dabble’ in Family trees as a bit of a hobby, so I’ve attached how you and I are related.


Nice to have contact with you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

My niece lives in Red Beach  Hibiscus Coast NZ   and my Nephew lives in  Ellerslie  1051 Aukland N.Z                                                                                                          

Your cousin Bertha  lived in 47 Emlyn Road after your mother and Father.  She left there after falling on the steps and damaged her kneecap, then moved to William Street after, she passed away a couple of years ago.                                                                                                                                                                                          

I was born in King Street, a couple of doors from Uncle Stan & Auntie Sarah,   Nita is still alive.                                                                                                                      

Out of 7 children Mam & Dad had, I am the oldest boy now. Jean is alive in Lincoln but Mary, Billy  Bertha are now deceased.                                                            

You made a good move, the Ebbw Vale area has declined a lot in recent years.                                        

Keep in touch, all the best to you and your Family.

If you would like to give me your address I can write to you maybe have some photos as well.

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